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Nikulipe has a vision to empower customers from Emerging Markets to take part in global e-commerce. To achieve this, the company facilitates market access for Fintechs, PSPs, and their merchants by consolidating access to Local Payment Methods (LPMs) or creating payment solutions where there are none. This, in turn, creates opportunities for millions of people by connecting them to the global economy. 

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Resolving Local Payment Method Complexities

Local payments market expertise

Local Payment Methods continue to play a key role in accelerating digital adoption, particularly in emerging regions. Nikulipe team expertise lies in Local Payment Market know-how, encompassing insights into how people pay in Fast-Growing e-commerce markets and how to resolve any existing complexities. 

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Understanding the needs of Payment Service Providers & their merchants allows us to provide a purpose-built service facilitating access to new markets while creating value for our customers. In addition, Nikulipe team analyzes trends and compiles data about Emerging and Fast-Growing markets to better inform our clients and other industry players. 

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